Blogging about Frolfing

I have long been contemplating a disc golf blog and now, thanks to the good, motivational folks at WordPress’s Blogging101, here is my blog.

Why am I here? To be a part of the growing buzz and chatter that surround our great, but still-to-many unknown game / sport that is Disc Golf. (I’ll try to avoid using the term “frolf” (frisbee + golf) as it is like nails on a chalkboard to many who take the game– and themselves as disc golfers– seriously, yours truly included.

Disc Golf, as its name implies, is a type of golf game– object into a target in as few actions as possible. Plastic disc (specially designed, molded and weighted for a bevy of shots and situations) replaces dimpled ball; Metal chain-lined target with a catch-basket replaces hole-on-a-manicured green; and throwing-arm replaces wood, iron or putter clubs.

The game dates back to the 1960s and seventies with the advent of Whammo’s Frisbee, but the origin and history I’ll save for another time.

I’ve been playing seriously (an oxymoron if ever I heard one) for about two years now and I’m still a fledgling newbie. I’m not all that good. But I’m head and shoulders better than when I first tossed an Innova Valkyrie about 75 feet forward and 40 feet left. And like, dare I say, millions of people, I am hooked on this game they way (we call them) ball-golfers are hooked on theirs. We’re talking winter-trips-to-Myrtle Beach-hooked. (We have our disc golf Meccas too.)

I hope to learn the game from the exploding community of passionate (sigh) frolfers and maybe pass along a little of what I’ve learned about playing a few years and living nearly six decades.

One thought on “Blogging about Frolfing

  1. Great column. Hope it goes well. I will be a faithful follower….I heard a rumor that Kevin Costner is considering a script reprising his role as Billy Chapel. This time as a retired baseball player who takes up disc golf since his great arm was made for hellasious hisers and with his name, brings the sport to national prominence. I guess if all goes well with the script and filming happy frolfers should be able to see “For the Love of the Fling” in theaters by 2020.


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