Props to the Disc Golf Answer Men

Despite the fact SlinginPlastic is just a few posts old, or maybe for that reason, I wanted to be sure to pass along a well-earned congratulations to Bobby Brown and Eric McCabe, both of Dynamic Discs in Emporia, Ks, and both of the Disc Golf Answer Man (DGAM) podcast fame. CoolDaddySlickBreeze and Eric, “Whichever-way-the-wind-blows-is-the-nickname- Bobby-settles-on” McCabe recently broadcasted the 100th episode of their show, which– at its core is a Q & A about disc golf. Nice going fellas, and ladies too, and all the behind-the-scenes folks there in Emporia.

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 5.37.46 PM
Most of Bobby Brown and just a sliver of the pro, Eric McCabe– you can sure tell who the media producer is, now can’t you?

But the DGAM franchise is much more than entertaining answers to often entertaining questions about disc golf. The podcasts, which come out like clockwork (unlike nameless others who frustratingly come and go as they please) also feature segments about disc golf related head and health issues, great interviews, articles and, with the help of other Dynamic Discs staffers, video disc reviews (on YouTube) called, “Is This Disc Right For You?”

McCabe, the 2010 Disc Golf World Champion, and seasoned disc golf media producer Brown, who describes himself as a casual player, are the perfect complement to one another, and each brings a unique perspective to their all of their broadcasts. The two are frequently joined in the podcast studio by others and the disc golf conversation is always interesting, enlightening and lively.

On the event of their 100th podcast, McCabe and Brown tackled a (*sigh*) frolf-related question from yours truly that included a shameless plug for SlinginPlastic. Bobby offered up some sage media-advice, which I quickly acted upon and the rest is, as they say podcast history. Podcast GOLD is more like it. The question, about the current stage of growth of disc golf as compared to ball golf is one I have thought a lot about. The fellas handled in typical EMac and CDSB-fashion: they had fun with it. Give a listen. Listen to the whole darned podcast, (but my bit is 24 mins. in).

Congrats again boys and Thanks for all you do! DISC GOLF.





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