Disc Golf as Religion?

Grow the sport is a phrase one hears and sees a lot in disc golf circles. And in those circles it is an admonishment to get out there and do all we can to bring the game we love to those who’ve never tried slinginplastic. In a way, it smacks a little like a religious movement.

Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 5.37.28 PM

While Disc Golf doesn’t promise eternal salvation per se, there is definitely a spiritual element to the game; about being one with the course and nature and in an almost meditative state– prayerfully, if you will, focused on the shot.

Those of us who play, know the joy and rapture of that oneness and it’s just natural to want others to enjoy all the game has to offer.

So we talk to our family, friends and co-workers, witnessing to them of the good news that disc golf can free us from the slavery and entrapment of our couches; we study our scriptures (rule book, videos and flight charts), and we walk-the-talk several times a week (in good weather) and do our best to be good stewards of our game.


For me this means several things: I early on joined the PDGA; the way a new Christian might become a member of his / her local church. I am proud member number 71535. I was happy to fork over my fifty bucks to support the global organization that oversees all aspects of our game– and in return get the same or an equivalent membership pack that players like Paul McBeth, Ricky Wysocki and Ken Climo got when they were “baptized” into the PDGA.

I also organized an event in 2015 where I work; a combination picnic and disc golf outing that I called a DiscNic. With the help of my company, a couple of disc golf manufacturers, a local retailer and several private groups and players, we gathered enough food and plastic for folks to eat good picnic grub, fellowship and play a round that included a putting contest wth prizes.

I invite people out to our local courses in ones, twos and groups as large as folks are comfortable. Sometimes they take me up on my invite and sometimes they offer up awkward excuses– the way one might when invited to a co-worker’s church for Sunday school.

Through my outreach I have converted a small handful of dedicated, faithful followers of the plastic disc and together we often meet to offer up our drivers, mids and putters at the  altars of our chain metal gods. And WOE unto any man or woman that bogeyeth!

Ah-hem…. uhm, back to some semblance of sanity here. While on any disc golf course I am respectful of the course and nature and of others who might be there now, or come after me. I never leave trash or rubbish behind; quite the opposite– I always try to leave the course a little better than I found it. If everyone were to do that, think of how pristine our sporting sanctuaries could look.

Well, I can hear the angels singing and harps playing now. That must mean the end this post is drawing nigh. In closing, let me encourage you brethren, to do good unto each other, our courses our game. Treat all not with disdain, but with respect. For only in this way can we can strive to GROW THE SPORT!  Disc Golf!!Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 5.18.09 PM


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