So….. this happened to me this disc golf season. It’s a broken ankle; suffered not on the disc golf course, where even a bad day is better than a good day at work, but at work– where even a fantastic day is not as good as a day slingin’ plastic.

I’ve been out of commission– working, but not playing– for about two months now. I’m close to returning, but for weeks my best friends have been comfy chairs, Ibuprofen and a pair– now down to one– aluminum crutch.

But while my body has been busy healing and not putting a lot of weight on my right foot, my mind has been busy thinking about our game. Likewise, my PayPal and charge accounts haven’t slowed down purchasing my next best flyers. I’ve amassed at least a half-dozen drivers and a new midrange I’m itching– like my ankle in my cast– to lay into. I’ve found I do my longest, prettiest drives… in my mind. When I get out to play, they seldom fly like they did in my mind’s eye.

But that’s part of what I love about disc golf. While I’m a seasoned (some might use the term ancient) fellow, this game, like my wife, my kids, and the many young people who enjoy it, makes me feel like a kid again. I’ve been loving disc golf and this “like a kid” feeling for more than two years now, and the glow shows no signs of fading. The challenge of improvement keeps my inner fire stoked.

Even though I am on the mend, and maybe because I haven’t been out there in a while, the call of the chains is strong.

While I’m here and posting, let me say a special Thanks to the great people at Infinite Discs for a great opportunity they’ve floated into the Disc Golf ether: they recently began searching for ambassadors for their brand and offering sponsorships to selected players. Click here for more information on this unique win-win proposition.

With my best mini you can mark my words: I’ll be throwing soon. Likely taking it pretty easy on my plant foot (I am primarily RHBH), but hey– that which doesn’t kill (or break) us just makes us stronger, right? It’ll be like extended physical therapy. See you all again soon my fellow flingers and flickers.

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