While few can afford to hand out cars they way most of us pass out Halloween candy, even regular Joes and plain Janes can list and share (webbly speaking, of course) their favorite things. Here’s my very Oprah-esque list of my favorite Disc Golf things.

One disclaimer–  I haven’t been everywhere, seen everything or even clicked on half of what’s “out there” yet. Things could and likely will change. This is merely my list as of this day on this planet.


I like the way this first favorite worked out as I’m casting a wide net here. For drivers, at this stage of my development and mechanics, arm speed, etc., Innova’s Starlite Roadrunner and the Starlite Mamba fly and float like I’m a real player. Dynamic Discs Breakout (in Lucid plastic) is right there in the mix, too. For midrange, up or approach shots, I’ve yet to find anything that satisfies like Discraft’s Buzzz. I bag two of them; one is overstable for when I’m parked behind a large bush or tree, and my other one is a lightweight, beat-in beauty that glides soooo pretty up to the basket and drops at its….. foot….. pole. Confused by putter talk when I was just a wee flinger, I decided pretty early on to make Atom putters by MVP my go-to. I purchased a bunch, some new and several used till I hit about a dozen. Occasionally– but not often enough– my Atoms and I get in some putting practice. Not often enough.


Gonna let the vids speak for themselves– or rather, for me. We’ve seen countless am and professional jaw-dropping shots. My personal faves are Feldberg and Brathwaite. You get an Ace, and YOU get an Ace, and you get an ACE…..

Skip Ace at that. Pretty shot nonetheless. I’d take it for sure as I’m still looking for, waiting on and practicing to get MY first One.

I won’t even entertain the notion I could pull one of those out of my butt at this point. Just great fun to watch. Had to be awesome to be there / see and hear that.


This will probably come as no surprise to anyone who’s been around the game a little while, but UDisc is a versatile, handy application with features I use often. For now it’s the only disc golf app I own and I regularly use the Find A Course, course information and Measure Throw features. (I’m not burning up the measure throw function, but I do break it out when my Roadrunner goes beep beep in a helpful tailwind.) It has a scorekeeping function, is available for both Android and iPhone users, a course-played and course wishlist and many other features. I also like that a lady “announces” who in your group owns the teebox, and the order based upon the last hole played. That’s SO Inspector Gadget to this old frolfer.


Hands down, Infinite Discs’ selection tool is– in my mind– the best out there. It could just be the only one out there, I don’t know. I only know that it’s a great tool. At the time of this post, they had a database of nearly 20,000 discs, sortable by Manufacturer, disc type, stability, color, weight, plastic, skill level and a few other attributes. It’s a disc golf search engine, I suppose. Let’s say you throw lightweight Roadrunners, Mambas and Breakouts. You LOVE those discs and are looking for the one that’ll go 10-20 feet further. Use the parameters to narrow down your search to oh, about three or four-hundred other comparable discs. Do you know how much scrolling through the Ebayazon jungle that would require?  If anyone else has such a tool, I’m not familiar with it. Infinite Discs is also a great outlet for all brands of equipment and accessories and has a wealth of great articles, stories and information for noobs and seasoned players alike.

FAVORITE DISC GOLF BLOGGER (Besides me, of course)

Jason at takes home the Winfrey prize in this category. Why, with so many disc golf blogs out there and admittedly you haven’t even scratched the surface yet, would you even make a choice here? Well good question. It’s simple (to me) really. I like the way Jason breaks down throwing in his videos. Particularly his Heavy Bottle Drill video about launching discs (and his water bottle) from the pectoral region. He explains that good distance comes from collapsing, planting, loading and extending. It’s a good watch, and typical of Jason’s breakdowns about mechanics. He seems to be a bright, funny guy who takes learning the game seriously, but not-so-much himself. “You gotta drink it.”


Okay, it’s not your “Best Picture,” category– it’s more like “Best cinematography is an an animated short,” category; but I had to find a place for Best Disc Golf Discs. They’re not flashy, and sometimes they’re like your garden variety 8th grade science movies. But start to finish they are packed with sound physical reasons why discs do this, or that; and why a flinger should do this or that when the prevailing wind is right to left. The website’s tagline is “Using Science to Improve Your Game Today.” What’s not to like there? There are several videos to amaze, entertain and educate, but I think this one, on choosing the right driver weight, is my favorite fave. YOU get a car…..


With a caveat, this Slingin’Plastic Fave award goes to DGAM, the Disc Golf Answer Man; not really just one man, but usually two and often joined by a guest. And other special cut-in featurettes such as Mind, Body Disc. The caveat is that the show’s hosts–seemingly both nice fellas from Trilogy Disc Golf– the three sister companies: Latitude 64, Westside Discs and Dynamic Discs– are beholden to their empirical bosses. While they occasionally mention other companies, and other companies’ products, it’s the nature of the beast that they must, in the end, promote everything Trilogy. Beyond that, there’s a lot to hear and learn, not just from 2010 World Champion Disc Golf pro, Eric McCabe, but Bobby Brown, the media man who bills himself as the casual disc golfer. “One of us,” he’d have you to believe. But truth be told he’s talented and ambitious and a friendly flingin’ fella. I bumped into him in Arizona at this year’s Memorial Tournament and he was kind enough to sign a GBO Breakout for me. Also, McCabe and Brown have had some fun on their podcasts with questions I’ve sent them. Bobby even had some much-appreciated sage advice for this old frolfer-blogger.


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