The main purpose of my post today– my first post in a hefty fraction of a year– is to announce the formation of a FaceBook group page called Light Weight Disc Golf Discs.

I won’t lie, I haven’t a lot to say; and I won’t drag this post out longer than I need to to make the point.

Over the last bunch of months I’ve discovered that I cannot Sling heavy plastic. I went from disc to disc and to different vendors and even frustrated myself trying different mechanics (3-steps with an X, no X-step, hurt my finger with the water bottle, etc. Then I realized– you gotta drink it!)

I threw drivers down around 155-ish, but the rest of my discs were all near max weights. Even with that, I couldn’t throw with the big boys. Now I’m throwing what some might even call ultralight discs: 120’s to 140, when winds are light and my drives are finally S-Gliding. Glory Be!! Nobody has to know, right?

But the point of this post is to LET folks know– if you’ve tried a lot of things, as I did; If you, for whatever reason: age, injury, gender, etc, aren’t getting the distance you so desire and deserve– swallow your pride and try Slingin’ something skinny. It could just be your ticket to distance.

More on this soon, I hope. For today, here’s a link to the first and so far as we all know, the only social forum for disc golf throwers of light discs.

Join up and let me know you learned about the group from okay? Also, don’t be shy (It’s social media for cryin’ out loud)– be a proud Light Weight Disc Golf Disc golfer!

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