Why SlinginPlastic?

Why not, right?

I started this blog, SlinginPlastic at a time and a place when the only thing better than playing disc golf is talking about disc golf– the Chicago winter. The sole purpose of SlinginPlastic is to be a gathering place for those who love this sport. A place to tell, show, ask, learn, share, rant, brag about anything (*sigh*) frolf. I cringe when I hear that word, and I hate to use it– but if that’s what you call our game, golf-with-a-frisbee, so be it. It works.

Help me grow this weblog into the biggest and baddest-ass spot on the planet about disc golf. On three, let’s turn this little nine-hole of interweb real estate into a compendium of all things (*sigh*) frolf. THE web-place to go for honest disc golf information and give and take. Ready? One… two…

THREE! And yep, that’s me playing “The Oaks” in Mokena, Illinois, one of the many popular courses in my area. Hope to see you out there one day.


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